DPC 071-1

Ways Of The Sun Remix EP

remixed by: Peter Kruder, Armitage, Manuel Fischer, Jimi Jules
featured by: Ia Öberg

Release: 2019-01-18

12" -
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  • dpc071 frankey&sandrino/

    A1_Frankey & Sandrino - Ways Of The Sun (Jimi Jules Remix)

  • dpc071 frankey&sandrino/

    A2_Frankey & Sandrino - Ways Of The Sun (Manuel Fischer Remix)

  • dpc071 frankey&sandrino/

    B1_Frankey & Sandrino - Ways Of The Sun (Peter Kruder Into The Black Hole Remix)

  • dpc071 frankey&sandrino/

    B2_Frankey & Sandrino - Ways Of The Sun (Armitage Remix)

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Ways Of The Sun was something like an underground hit in the winter of 2015/2016 and Frankey & Sandrino were riding the big wave and released various EP’s on labels such as Mule or Innervisions, to name just a few. In that time they built a strong reputation as gifted producers and solid DJs. It took a while to get the package together. The first remix was delivered by Vienna’s Wunderkind Peter Kruder, who delivered beyond expectations a sublime modern version of his very unique sound, which gained him already as K+D worldwide fame. Jimi Jules’ remix is flirting with Dub and it’s beats and pitched down vocals create a skanking house anthem, which is rich in groove and has that certain soulfulness about it we love. Another young promising man from Zurich is Manuel Fischer, his remix involves classic elements of Chicago and Detroit house, slightly twisted and enhaling the warm vintage sound. Last but not least Armitage deliver a rough old-school techno version. The guys behind this project are well known people in the scene, so it’s no surprise that their remix is of purest connaisseur quality.