Rump 003-1

Hello Asshole / Kafi Lied

featured by: Sarah Palin
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    A_Jimi Jules_Hello Asshole

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    B_Kalabrese_Kafi Lied feat. Sarah Palin

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rumpelmusig, the new label from rumpelmaster kalabrese

goes into the next round and continues from where it stopped with the longplayer „independent dancer“, namely songwriting, where the singer legitimately is part of, where the groove declares its love to the melody and the singing. somehow dancepop, just following the own rules. „hello asshole“ comes with a crispy swinging groove, which is almost a breakbeat and the sounddesign sweeps splendidly. and then this compelling guitar riff appears and together with the voice and a bold synthi-line, it lifts us to new heights; right where you just drift away, big number, somehow stoned, but still kicking. jimi jules is a true musician, who prefers recording everything by hand, just like kalabrese, and sings himself, when he’s in the right mood and has something to say. currently he’s busy recording his debut album, trying to express himself and refining his style. jules is one of zurich’s up-and-coming talent and already had a bunch of releases, no matter if techy, housy or some kind of dancepop, this boy rules.


The b-side’s „kafi-lied“ is an ode to the coffee drinking. taking time in the morning and starting the day with a relaxed mood. and the voice of sarah palin, singer of the rumpelorchester, gives the song the energy to gleam over everything to passionately throw oneself into the day and fall in love. Once again a strong performance by the zurich vocalist, the soul breathing just like fresh coffee flavor. The rumpelorchester guys join with a „rumply“ choir and kalabrese adds the white milk froth with the right groove and his characteristic analogue synthi pads.


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