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Independent Dancer


“Together, we're playing and dancing to a song, a song that we don't know.”
(Sacha Winkler aka Kalabrese)

Kalabrese is a curious tastemaker and bold musical force that dares to tread the murky waters between indie and electronica, playfully emphasising vocals on song based productions and presenting an album that pushes the limits and portrays dance music in a peculiar and natural way. Inspired by blues, funk, and all those beautiful dancers and tragic heroes of the night, ‘Independent Dancer’ is laced with curiosity and fever inducing productions.

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    01_Kalabrese_Purple Rose

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    02_Kalabrese_Let The Good Times Roll

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    03_Kalabrese_Independent Dancer

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    04_Kalabrese_Fresh And Foolish

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    06_Kalabrese_Desperate Man

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    08_Kalabrese_Stone On Your Back

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    12_Kalabrese_Das Haus Am Fluss

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    13_Kalabrese_Find A Place

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    Digibonus1_Kalabrese_Feeding Me

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    Digibonus2_Kalabrese_Is This

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Six years on from his 2007 debut album ‘Rumpelzirkus’, a critically acclaimed project that was pursued by performances at infamous festivals like Sonar, Mutek in Montreal and Transmediale in Berlin as well as playing nearly every club basement in Europe with his live-project “Rumpelorchester”, Sascha Winkler AKA Kalabrese returns with a masterpiece.

Sounding like a soundtrack from James Murphy (in fact Kalabrese played back to back with the LCD Soundsystem lead man in 2012) and Nicolas Jaar, who featured his epic blues solo ‘Desperate Man’ on his own Resident-Advisor podcast, ‘Independent Dancer’ commences with an almost euphoric and certainly unpretentious spirit. ‘Purple Rose’ steps out downbeat with Sarah Palin, the newest Rumpel discovery, singing an astonishing duet with Kala, an almost country-like creation with ringing bells from the Alps and a hypnotic house beat crashing behind. Kalabrese recruits friend and mentor, A.C. Kupper (who also designed the cover) to sing ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ taking his falsetto voice and overlaying chunky beats and a captivating synth-line, inspiring the urge to dance in only the most sincere way.

‘Independent Dancer’ varies in tempo and rhythm throughout, from the wonderful airy ballad of ‘Stone On Your Back’ with its cello parts played by Dominik Löhrer and light bossanova rhythm, juxtaposed with ‘Wanzka’, an active, swinging afro-groove gem with mind-blowing, lyrical brass parts courtesy of Michael Flury and Benjamin Danech. Guest singer Khan from Berlin, can be heard on the hypnotic Arabic inspired bonus track ‘Feeling Me’ and also on ‘Desperate Man’, which Rumpel-member Marton di Katz rocks a crazy groove bassline sensations. Towards the conclusion everything twists into cosiness once again as Kalabrese extols the Sihl Valley with ‘Sihltal’, a punchy disco tune spiked with melancholy and expressing a soft wish of togetherness.

At all times ‘Independent Dancer’ orbits the moment, encapsulating where the dancer unites with the music and forgets the rest of the world. Thus the whole album is a homage to clublife, a world which Kalabrese has been part of for more than 15 years, while also expressing the rejection of constant output by the media and superficial virtual worlds and welcomes the experience of the physical force of nature.

His authentic way to accomplish things, his deep musical knowledge and potential to bridge gaps keeps enriching nightlife culture and the whole electronic music landscape. ‘Independent Dancer’ is the first release on Kalabrese’s own label, Rumpelmusig, a new sublabel of Compost Records that acts as a research station for unconventional dance music in the future. Retro Mugli and Valentino Tomasi mixed the album with earnest commitment in the legendary Powerplay Studio on an analog mixer to finalise the songs.

‘Independent Dance’ is the natural conclusion of Kalabrese’s path so far, avoiding pretence, it contains its own cosmos, where the rumbling between blues and bass becomes innate and every song brings home a message of the soft power of the dance.

“Funky is when you ease from heavyness”

(Kalaspatz 2012)

Kalabrese History:

As a kid, Kalabrese, aka Sacha Winkler, raided his parents record collection, cottoning onto the sounds of Hendrix, Coltrane and Zappa before eventually picking up the sticks and drumming along to his heroes. Later as the drummer in hip hop collective Sendak, Winkler released two longplayers and toured Switzerland in the early nineties before striking out on his own as DJ and producer Kalabrese, releasing a handful of electronic 12"s with kooky vocals on label such as Stattmusik and Perlon including the romantic Chinese take-away song '73 Chicken Fried Rice'. T

hese first EPs created a major impact and were quickly followed by imposing remixes for artists like Richard Dorfmeister (Tosca), dOP, Kate Max, Idjut Boys, Soulphiction, Trucillo and many more. Over the past seven years, Kalabrese has run the club “Zukunft” in his home of Zurich, a unique club with an emphasis on the love of music and good people.



Over the few past years, Kalabrese has put major emphasis into his DJ set. Listen to a live DJ-Mix by Kalabrese recorded at Zukunft (Zurich):

Packed with treasures, the journey takes in African music, passing funk, disco, early house, techno and ends in the present. Whatever the platform is, he finds joy in the music, and this ability to go crazy with it make his DJ- ets characteristic and unique.