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Im Tanzrausch

NEWS: Fred und Luna to release new EP “Im Tanzrausch” on Compost Records, directly following the album “Im Tiefenrausch”, also on Compost Records, and previous outings on Frank Wiedemann’s label Bigamo, JD Twitch’s label Optimo Music and on Innervisions “Im Tanzrausch” is step 2 of Fred und Luna’s joint venture with Compost Records. In direct connection to their mesmerizing album “Im Tiefenrausch” Fred und Luna come up with four hypnotic and tribal Elektrokraut/Krautelektro pieces ready to find their way to the dancefloor. The music of Fred und Luna has always been a combination and an interplay of both listening and danceable sound. On their upcoming release “Im Tanzrausch” they are focussing on repetitive, dancefloor-ready beats, not losing sight of their love for beautiful melodies, electronic soundscapes and their krautish background. Quotes about the “Im Tiefenrausch” album: “Well worth investigating.” DJ Mag “[...] a riveting ride through the sonic machinations of Buchmüller’s vivid mind.” The Vinyl Factory “[…] a steady groove overlaid with cool blue chords, easygoing vocals and a funky sense of melody.” Resident Advisor “Really like this album a lot!” Laurent Garnier “Super excited this is coming out.” JD Twitch/Optimo Music “Well. This is rather lovely. Like it a lot.” Bill Brewster/DJ History “Loving this. Nichtmusikalische Stadt Unter Schritten especially, absolutely beguiling.“ Aaron Levitt/Stamp The Wax "Beautiful album! Covers wide spectrum of sounds and atmospheres" Gilles Wassermann/Fiction Lab
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Fred und Luna’s dance music history Fred und Luna’s dance music history started in 2016 with their later to become an underground dancefloor hit “Monotonikum”, first released on Optimo Music and appearing on Fabric 100 compilation end of 2018. The same year Innervisions released a Prins Thomas remix of Fred und Luna’s “Im Klanggarten” on their Secret Weapons series (Secret Weapons 8). After the release of their highly acclaimed debut album “Im Klanggarten” on Frank Wiedemann’s then newly founded label Bigamo, Fred und Luna started doing dancefloor-ready remixes, amongst others for Connaisseur Recordings, Yotanka (PIAS), Le Temps Perdu and Depth Records, followed by a collaboration with Trikk on his dance album “Mundo Ritual” (Innervisions) and with Achim Treu (Der Plan, Dauerfisch, UFO Hawaii). Their upcoming dancefloor release “Im Tanzrausch”, produced by Jan Krause (Beanfield) will be released 22 March 2019 on Compost Records. Who are Fred und Luna? “Fred und Luna” are two mannequins living in a fashion boutique in Karlsruhe, Germany. They serve as muse for musician, lector, poet and photo/video maker Rainer Buchmüller. Inspired by his doll friends and his love for German electronic music of the past decades, Rainer Buchmüller under the alias “Fred und Luna” produces his self-created genres Elektrokraut and Krautelektro: both a modern combination of repetitive rhythms, beautiful melodies, electronic soundscapes and elements from the Krautrock era. Under the name of “Ariston Baton” Rainer Buchmüller also writes and performs sound poems and concrete poetry. On live events and especially on exhibitions Ariston Baton is joining “Fred und Luna” and Rainer Buchmüller’s third identity “Vizudaru Nono”, who is contributing video and photo projections. Together they form the so called “Equipe Nadaphysique”. A recent exhibition featuring all three named personalities took place end of October 2018 at Rockomotives Festival, Vendôme/France. On tour with Fred und Luna (The Luna principle) On live shows, Fred und Luna are represented by Rainer Buchmüller as FRED and by a LUNA spontaneously chosen from local musicians, friends or someone from the audience, making every show a surprise and a unique performance. Previous Lunas include keyboard players, drummers, DJs, guitarists, rappers, poets, saxophonists, trumpeters, violinists, complete bands, a musical saw player, an opera singer and many more. Watch out: The next Luna could be you! Fred und Luna news In February 2019 Fred und Luna have released their new album “Im Tiefenrausch”, mixed by Achim Treu, followed by the upcoming 4-track EP “Im Tanzrausch” (22 March 2019) mixed by Jan Krause (Beanfield), both on Compost Records, Munich. Fred und Luna releases Fred und Luna (EP, album) 2016 Glück auf (4 track EP, Optimo Music) 2017 Im Klanggarten (debut album, 12 tracks, 2LP, Bigamo Musik) 2019 Im Tiefenrausch (12 tracks, 2LP, Compost Records) 2019 Im Tanzrausch (4 track EP, Compost Records) Fred und Luna remixed by other musicians 2016 Im Klanggarten (Prins Thomas remix, Secret Weapons 8, Innervisions) 2018 Im Klanggarten (David Agrella remix, Phonetic Recordings) Fred und Luna remixes for other musicians 2017 Peter Pardeike ‒ Love Supreme (Fred und Luna remix), Connaisseur 2017 V ‒ La Nouvelle Epoque (Fred und Luna remix), Le Temps Perdu 2018 Ropoporose ‒ None (Fred und Luna/UFO Hawaii remix), Yotanka 2018 Das Blaue Palais ‒ Welt am Draht (Fred und Luna/UFO Hawaii remix), Bellerophon 2018 Armonica ‒ Ayo (Fred und Luna/UFO Hawaii remix), Depth Fred und Luna collaborations 2017 Trikk ‒ Mundo Ritual (collaboration on “Karls Java”), Innervisions 2018 Zeichen der Zeit (7-inch single, UFO Hawaii/Fred und Luna, Kernkrach Records) Fred und Luna songs on compilations 2017 Tam Tam Tanzscheiben (“Sonntag in den Bergen”), Tam Tam Records 2017 Elsewhere MCMXIII (“AV June 23, 1938–July 16, 2016”), ICI 2017 Invisible Family EP#2 (“No Glashütte No Harksheide”), Invisible Inc. 2018 fabric 100 (“Monotonikum”), Fabric Records