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featured by: Alxndr London
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A match made in heaven. It’s not a coincidence that C.O.W. chose the incredible Alxndr London for their first ever feature. Like two suns – centred midst their own artistic and audio-visual universe – something grand had to happen once these two artists collide.

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    C.O.W. - Glitch (feat. Alxndr London)

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And Glitch is indeed grand. Glitch is not just a track. Glitch is an experience. 

Starting off on melancholic chords, you’re dragged into the pushing, outward pressing beat-landscape before you know it – only to find yourself sobering up on calm, beautiful sounds, slowly transferring you in a state of contemplation.

C.O.W. 牛 and Alxndr London not only deliver a new concept for what a song can be, but provide the right video for it: kidthecolor captures the dance that translates the song’s episodes into an ineffable spectacle.

Glitch introduces the listener to a greater body of work which will be released later this year