Choices EP


Post Yacht Rock Kraut Disco Prog Pop. More is More.

GENF PAKULA give an update and a new context to elements of many different worlds – including some long banned bad taste territories. Grounded in late nineties post-rock, neo-kraut and indie-house they draw from the smooth sounds, lush harmonies and vocal elements of late-seventies yacht rock, constantly inspired by - and aspiring to - the celebratory grooves and skillful string-and-horn arrangements of disco.

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    A1_Genf Pakula_Through The Night

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    A2_Genf Pakula_Expat Loser

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    B1_Genf Pakula_Lowdown

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    B2_Genf Pakula_Gleaming

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Emulating legends in DIY mode – GENF PAKULA are truly overreaching. Which is the idea. From an easy listening cruise along the seaside promenade tracks accelerate into the soundtrack ambience of 70ies paranoid political thrillers and breathless chases through long corridors of looped machinery breaking through to the cosmic neo-disco-dancefloor. With a tendency for kraut-rock jams, an awareness for contemporary electronic clubmusic, risky allusions to fusion and tacky orchestra pop, and roots in soul, punk and indie, all kinds of musical sensibilities are touched. 

Ralph Obermauer and Oliver Brand are GENF PAKULA. They live in Berlin. 1996, then in Cologne, they founded the band GENF with Olaf Karnik and Jens Massel (Senking), playing a special brand of neo-kraut post rock and experimenting with electronica within a band format. Within a year, they released an EP for the Cologne label Finlayson and the album "import/export" on Compost Records, plus one more EP including remixes. Then GENF dispersed. Obermauer went to New York, Brand to Berlin. 15 years later, they came back together and took the GENF-sound on a few trips through different landscapes. They ended up with GENF PAKULA.

During a longer stay in Beijing, Obermauer began writing and producing tracks. He sent files to Berlin where Brand added rhythmtracks. The growing arrangements travelled back and forth between the cities. Later the pieces were finished in Berlin. Jan Krause in Munich gave the tracks their final sound touch. With their “Choices EP” on Compost Disco, GENF PALULA are glad to be back with the Compost-Family.