Game Of Circles EP


WOW. Super dynamic synth-driven tuuune, a slick grower. The track "Desert" has not less than A-side potential: Slo-Mo Disco for the night without an end. Enzo Elia from Gabba Sound System comin' from a remote supernova.

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  • Codis 016-1/

    A1 Enzo Elia - Game Of Circles

  • Codis 016-1/

    A2 Enzo Elia - Desert feat. Manuel Sirotti

  • Codis 016-1/

    B1 Enzo Elia - Game Of Circles (Instrumental)

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Enzo Elia has crafted his own style of Djing and producing that has taken him all over Europe as well as to Tokyo and Tel Aviv. Emerging almost twenty years ago listening to classic Disco, Chicago House and Detroit Techno, he always delivers an "eclectic "journey through his overflowing vinyl collection. Elia's chameleon approach also finds release in parallel projects like El Freakadell and Balearic Gabba Sound System. His music productions can be found on labels Free Range, Golf Channel, Engrave, Compost Records, Black Pearl, Hell Yeah Recordings and last but not least on the mysterious Re-edit label. The studio and its musicians friends. All together for a jam session. Free spirits and spontaneous attitude. The unique and energetic sound of Florian Meindl's Modular Sistem. The guitar riff of Manuel Sirotti. Mix everything and you will get the essence of different musicians with different background (in only one thing). Not only strength in numbers, but also ideas, vibes and bombastic contaminations. Artwork - as usual on all Compost Disco sleeves - are designed by Benjamin Röder (Charlie, Spectacle)