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Shades (incl. Remix by Ripperton)

by: Quarion

Thirteen years after Quarion released the instant classic "Karasu" on Drumpoet, he returns to the label with yet another remarkable debut.

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His first album "Shades" takes you on an emotional journey to the deeper realms of House Music encompassed by elements of Detroit Techno, Dub and Electronica. All of the nine tracks fully display Quarion's unmistakable musicality and state-of-the-art production skills and are, undoubtedly, the artist's most accomplished work to date.

Ever since starting to produce as Quarion back in 2006, Yanneck Salvo has enjoyed an exciting career with stellar releases on Retreat, Innervisions, Tamed Musiq and certainly Drumpoet. 2016 proved to be a turning point artistically as well as personally, which eventually triggered an outburst of inspiration consolidating in the core of "Shades". After two years spent on refining this music, Yanneck felt that the bond between the tracks was too strong to be split across various EPs and chose instead to elaborate his vision as a full-scale album.

The nine pieces that make up “Shades“ are quintessential Quarion, yet their scope is both broader and more precise than on previous releases by the Swiss producer. The beautiful melancholy of “Indigo (Aries)”, the rich layers of “Periwinkle” or the panoramic journey of “Cobalt (Plains)” are testimonial to the new depth in the music of the Berlin-based artist.

In addition, the album has highly benefitted from a more experimental writing process, showcased in the bass-heavy ambient piece “Teal” or the sliding pads of “Ultramarine”. This passion for unrestrictive creativity is clearly at the heart of “Azure (Émotion)”, a thrilling collaboration with Ripperton where both artists twist life out of a modular system.

Finally there are tracks as intense as the Acid workout “Sapphire (Tessellate)“ and the techno- influenced “Cerulean“. Their electric tension easily creates a watershed moment on the dance floor that lingers long after the night is gone.

An imperceptible thread lays within the album's tracks. It molds “Shades” into an outstanding album by an artist on top of his game, highlighting Quarion's ever-growing talent for producing music of the deeper kind.

About Quarion:

“For some reason,” says Yanneck Salvo, “after more than 10 years of producing under the name, I feel that I’m finally coming back to the impulse that created Quarion in the first place“. Salvo’s production alias Quarion first emerged in 2006 with the spellbinding „Karasu“, which became the secret card up the sleeve of house heavyweights Dixon and Âme. After a decade of stellar releases on Drumpoet, Retreat and Tamed Musiq, Quarion's ever-changing career came full circle in 2016 with an invitation to join the esteemed Innervisions roster for its acclaimed Secret Weapons series. This milestone proved to mark the beginning of an intense creative process which materialized three years later in the form of „Shades“, Quarion's long overdue debut album to be released on Drumpoet.

Already a veteran of Swiss music’s cross-pollination back in 2006, with accolades across Nu Jazz, Techno and Hip-Hop beatsmithery, the genesis of Quarion stems from a life-changing tour of Japan. That eye-opening experience inspired a new widescreen perspective of expression, and revealed a specific devotion to deep dance music. « Karasu » laid down the blueprint signatures that would set Quarion apart over the next decade: loose-limbed precision, soaring melodic narratives and hypnotic rhythms that sit in the pocket yet fuel momentum with an organic flow.

After his relocation from Geneva to Berlin in 2007, a path was cleared for new ventures. Already a member of the close-knit Drumpoet Community, Quarion co-founded the vinyl-only Retreat imprint with Hauke Freer from Session Victim, both of these labels becoming the main outlets for his uniquely hypnotic house music.

After turning out a massive remix of Jamie Lloyd’s “May I“ on Future Classic in 2008, Quarion’s in- demand reworks have continued to breath fresh air into house and techno cuts by Dirt Crew, Agnès, Oliver Deutschmann, Marbert Rocel or for labels such as Mythstery and George Fitzgerald’s Manmakemusic. Appearances on the classic DJ Kicks, Fabric and Watergate Mix- series as well as collaborations with heavyweights Ripperton and Joel Alter have further cemented Quarion's position as one of the scene's most distinguished producers.

A solid reputation as a deep-digging selector has followed Quarion since the very beginning and has taken him to many corners of the globe. He held a longterm DJ residency at beloved Berlin nightspot Tape Club, while running the tiny but mighty Retreat parties in a small basement club in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. DJing and touring occupied his nights, as bookings at About Blank (Berlin), Rex (Paris) and Womb (Tokyo) followed, alongside tours of Japan, China, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Now a well-heeled alumni of clubs such as Panorama Bar (Berlin), Concrete (Paris), The Block (Tel Aviv) and Zukunft (Zurich), Quarion regularly takes the stage for a passionate DJ set or one of his hardware-only live performances.