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Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor


“The Marsmobil album is really a listening pleasure. It like being on a "Space Odyssey" with Vladimir Cosma.” Frank Wiedemann / Âme

 Art pop meets Mongolian throat singing, Blade Runner meets Walter Carlos (Clockwork Orange), Tom Dissevelt and Kid Baltan (Bowie’s favourite band) meet Tame Impala.

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  • CPT502-2 - Marsmobil - Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor/

    01 Marsmobil - And The Fishes In The Ocean

  • CPT502-2 - Marsmobil - Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor/

    02 Marsmobil - Heels Much Too High

  • CPT502-2 - Marsmobil - Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor/

    03 Marsmobil - Ode Springtime And Summer

  • CPT502-2 - Marsmobil - Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor/

    04 Marsmobil - Sometimes I Don't Regret

  • CPT502-2 - Marsmobil - Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor/

    05 Marsmobil - Eclectic Mystic

  • CPT502-2 - Marsmobil - Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor/

    06 Marsmobil - Under The Tree

  • CPT502-2 - Marsmobil - Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor/

    07 Marsmobil - What

  • CPT502-2 - Marsmobil - Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor/

    08 Marsmobil - The Story Of The Mongolian Horse

  • CPT502-2 - Marsmobil - Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor/

    09 Marsmobil - Shadows Of The Inner Light

  • CPT502-2 - Marsmobil - Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor/

    10 Marsmobil - It Doesn't Matter How You Are

  • CPT502-2 - Marsmobil - Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor/

    11 Marsmobil - Ode The Dark Ages

  • CPT502-2 - Marsmobil - Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor/

    12 Marsmobil - A Time When Painters Painted More

  • CPT502-2 - Marsmobil - Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor/

    13 Marsmobil - The Moon And The Night And The Men

  • CPT502-2 - Marsmobil - Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor/

    14 Marsmobil - What Is Real And What Is Wrong

  • CPT502-2 - Marsmobil - Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor/

    15 Marsmobil - Ode Oh My Lord Milord

  • CPT502-2 - Marsmobil - Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor/

    16 Marsmobil - Ask Your Local Keyboard Player

  • CPT502-2 - Marsmobil - Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor/

    DigiBonus Marsmobil - I Don't One Two

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The fifth album from Marsmobil has been hailed by many as their best yet. With closer ties to “Minx” (2006) than the last two albums, “Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor” returns to Marsmobil’s signature strength of wondrously brilliant songs (“And The Fishes In The Ocean”, “Shadows Of The Inner Light”) that blend off-the-wall cinemascope sounds with dazzling beats and punchy, powerful hooks to create uniquely distinctive art pop anthems.

As always with Marsmobil, Roberto Di Gioia writes, plays, sings and programs everything himself. Here, as on “Minx”, he’s brought in support from a fabulous singer – the very wonderful Amber Lin, who contributes vocals on four songs. All the cover illustrations are also by Di Gioia.

Multi-instrumentalist Roberto Di Gioia needs little introduction. The curious can explore his biography, discography and extensive lists of projects and collaborations as musician and songwriter (see below) for an impression of the hugely diverse achievements of this multi-talent and brilliant musician.

As a topical heads-up, Roberto Di Gioia is also the founder of the German jazz supergroup Web Web and released the album “Oracle” in September 2017. The second Web Web album will follow in early 2018, hard on the heels of the fifth Marsmobil release. Di Gioia also wrote and produced “Teufelswerk” for DJ Hell and contributed virtually all the songs on Hell’s latest album, “Zukunftsmusik”.

Roberto Di Gioia on “Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor”:

Strictly speaking, the album’s genesis was when I was 12 years old.

It was a sunny Sunday in spring 1977, and I was at the village church with my grandparents. It would be the last time I attended a church service. I remember it clearly.

The priest was preaching about how people were all sinners. My thoughts wandered and I began to imagine what it would be like if the priest started praying like this:

Oh my Lord Milord, please praise my land and my fields and my country,

let my animals grow slowly and tender, I will eat them as soon as possible.

Oh my Lord, also praise my maidservant, I`m in love with her deeply.”

My imagination took hold and I didn’t hear a single word of his boring sermon.

That moment was the birth of my album trilogy, “Ode: …”

When I was ten, I was a boarder at the music-focused high school in Eichstätt. I was the smallest there. Even wearing those weird 1970s Clarks shoes with the wooden platforms, I was still the smallest. The tall, strong, good-looking guys got the girls. I didn’t.

Most of the students there were already brilliant musicians, young as they were. Everyone had flawlessly mastered Chopin preludes, Beethoven piano sonatas and Schubert impromptus. I wasn’t the worst, more average, but those good-looking guys played the piano superbly – and that impressed the girls.

Making a virtue out of necessity, I taught myself to play jazz. Nobody at school was any good at jazz. I composed dramatic, emotional jazz ballads and delivered wild, passionate improvisations oozing modal harmonies at our annual concert. And hey presto – I found I could wind both the teachers and the pretty girls around my little finger...

That was a pivotal moment in my life.

What could I do in my situation to make my life better? How could I make a virtue out of necessity?

Since then, I’ve never been at a loss for a way out. Can’t go straight on? Go right. Path blocked? Try turning left instead.

My friend and colleague in music, Samon Kawamura, calls me the SUPERSURVIVOR.

“Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor” is a self-contained work made up of individual short stories, some interconnected, most autobiographical.

Because of this, it’s my most personal work to date.

Peter Kruder, the producer of MARSMOBIL (and one half of the duo Kruder & Dorfmeister), told me this story as we were working on a song. A blind American singer was listening to the radio one day when he heard some Mongolian throat singing. He was immediately fascinated and started to learn the complex vocal technique. He learnt it so thoroughly that when he took part in a competition in Mongolia for overtone singers from all over the world, he beat all the great Mongolian master singers and won first prize.

He was a Supersurvivor too …As soon as Peter told me the story, we wrote the text for “The Story Of The Mongolian Horse” and spontaneously composed the music.

A further starting-point and inspiration for the album was an instrument that I bought new (or new to me) – the Korg PS 3100 from 1977. Only around 300 synthesizers of this type were ever produced. This unique, strangely idiosyncratic instrument was my pathway to transforming my ideas into music.

Over time, a different world of enormously exciting sounds began to build, and literally every type of sound that could be coaxed out of the instrument was created.

Ethereal, eclectic sounds and textures, peculiarly hypnotic melodies, shapes that materialized, then vanished forever. Downbeats from drum machines weave a futuristic, psychedelic character for the album “Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor”.

Marsmobil live:

Roberto Di Gioia: keys (Juno 106), drum machines (rx-11), vocals.

Ferdinand Kirner: guitar, fx, vocals.

Plus diverse guest vocalists

Roberto Di Gioia has worked with a host of jazz greats including Woody Shaw, Art Farmer, James Moody, Johnny Griffin, Charlie Rouse, Clifford Jordan, Clark Terry, Roy Ayers, Gregory Porter, Klaus Weiss and many more.

In early 1990 he joined Klaus Doldingers Passport.

As a pianist, he recorded with artists including Udo Lindenberg (MTV Unplugged,2011), Charlie Watts (“Music Of The Rolling Stones”, 2005), Console (“Reset The Preset”, 2003), The Notwist (“Shrink” 1998, “Neon Golden”, 2002).

Since 2007, he has played with Samon Kawamura and Max Herre as KAHEDI: Max Herre (“Hallo Welt”, 2012), Joy Denalane (“Gleisdreieck”, 2017), and many more.

Productions / songwriting for

-DJ Hell (“Teufelswerk”,2009, “Zukunftsmusik”, 2017)

-Till Brönner (“Till Brönner”, 2012)

-Console (“Reset The Preset”, 2003)


-Max Herre

(“Hallo Welt”, 2012), No. 1 album charts and Gold,

(“Wolke 7”, 2012), No. 1 singles charts and Gold.

(“MTV unplugged”, 2013), No. 3 album charts, Platinum and ECHO for Best Hip Hop Album

-Samy Deluxe (“SchwarzWeiss”), 2011, No. 1 and Gold

-Genetikk (“Achter Tag”, 2015), No. 1 album charts and Gold

-Joy Denalane (“Maureen”, 2011, “Gleisdreieck”, 2017), Top Ten album charts

-Megaloh (“Regenmacher”, 2016), No. 2 album charts


Marsmobil Discography:

“Strange World” (Act / 2003) Album

“Minx” (Compost / 2006) Album

“Why Don’t You Take (The Other Side?” (Compost / 2010) Album

“Black Album” (Compost / 2011) Album

“Munich Loves You” (Compost / 2006) Single

“Mangia Amore / Supersonic Mind” (Compost / 2007)

“The Other Side EP”  (Compost / 2009) EP

“Gonna Be My Day”/ „Patience” (Compost Black Label / 2010)

Hobby / Marsmobil “Gold” / “Hunger & Seide”  (Gold / 2014) 12“


Synchs with Marsmobil:

Californication (Episode #105) with David Duchovny/ X-Files ("Reversed Mantra"/Minx)

CSI Miami (Season 5, Episode #516 Broken Home, "Sovatex 2055"/ Minx)

CSI Miami (Season 5, Episode #519 Bloodline, "Call Me"/ Minx)


Own projects outside Marsmobil:

- Zappelbude (“Zappelbude”, 1998, with Wolfgang Haffner)

- HOBBY, artistic and cross-disciplinary project with Wigald Boning (released as 10 CDs, CD box set, book and audiobook with music)


Live and video links:

-Udo Lindenberg MTV Unplugged:

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