CPT 501

Brexit Jazz Remix EP (incl. Remixes by: Konvex & The Shadow + Melokolektiv, Letryp, CRS + BRG)

remixed by: Konvex & The Shadow + Melokolektiv, Letryp, CRS + BRG, Giorgio Luceri, ReKaB

Brexit Jazz (the never ending story). A  full spectrum Compost release from house to hooligan jazz, downbeat, disco to freestyle. Brexit Jazz are Roberto Di Gioia (Marsmobil / Web Web), Jan Krause (Beanfield) and Michael Reinboth (head of Compost). The original Brexit Jazz track was recorded and programmed, played live on Friday 24.06.2016 at the Beanfield Studio, Munich, right after the British gouvernment announced the Brexit that (black) Friday morning 24.06.16. After the digital release of the original in 2016 a lot of people liked the music and idea and told us: the Brexit will be a never ending story. Right said Fred. That was the initial idea to keep on with this track with versions and remixes. So Compost announced a remix competition and got over 90 remixes in. Here are the winners of the Brexit Jazz remix competition and a brand new version made by Roberto Di Gioia (Marsmobil / Web Web), Jan Krause (Beanfield) and Michael Reinboth (Compost).

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  • CPT501-1:-3/

    A1 Brexit Jazz - Brexit Jazz (Konvex & the Shadow + Melokolektiv Remix)

  • CPT501-1:-3/

    A2 Brexit Jazz - Brexit Jazz (New Version)

  • CPT501-1:-3/

    B1 Brexit Jazz - Brexit Jazz (Letryp Remix)

  • CPT501-1:-3/

    B2 Brexit Jazz - Brexit Jazz (CRS + BRG Remix)

  • CPT501-1:-3/

    DigiBonus1 Brexit Jazz - Brexit Jazz (Giorgio Luceri Remix)

  • CPT501-1:-3/

    DigiBonus2 Brexit Jazz - Brexit Jazz (ReKaB Remix)

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The story of this tune goes like this: Friday 24.06.16 morning, Brexit decision breaking news at radio. Roberto and Michael were driving to the Beanfield studio, where they intended to working with Jan Krause on the forthcoming Beanfield album. When they heard the breaking news of the Brexit vote at radio, they were shocked, solidifying and astonished asking themselves: oh my god what kind of future we heading to. All the British people we know, we love, we respect and we have really nice and long term relationship to, were voting against the Brexit. Roberto Di Gioia spontaneous said: „Hey let’s express our feelings, let’s do a Brexit tune, let’s transfer our thoughts, minds or feeling into a spontaneous jazz tune. This tune may describe the ambivalence of an bright collective future, one hand the restore to freedom on the other hand the mutuality. This tune was recorded, played, programmed from scratch Friday 24.06.16 starting 10:00 o’clock and we finished „Brexit Jazz“ Friday afternoon 16:00.

Remix competition winner No.1:  Konvex & The Shadow / Melokolektiv

Every collaboration helps you grow and this is why Melokolektiv and Konvex and the Shadow decided a few years ago to start collaborating together. Based in Montpellier and Marseille, they share a same love for sophistication and subtle rawness. After few common releases on Get Physical, Kindisch, Highway records and OFF recordings where they have notably remixed Kid Francescoli's hit "Blow Up", french based producers decided to create their own imprint together in 2016 : AZZUR Records. Their aim ? Creating a a platform with no restrictions where a small community of artists can develop their own vision and release the music they want.

Solo biography : Melokolektiv : "Subtle rawness, Beloved melodies"

For 6 years now, Melokolektiv has been looking for the perfect combination between dancefloor grooves and melodic elements.

After a first release on Tenampa recordings, Melokolektiv has released his music on high standing record labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Kindisch, Get Physical music, OFF recordings and much more.

In 2016, Melokolektiv has became OFF recordings label manager and launched his own label called AZZUR with a first ep made in collaboration with Konvex & the Shadow and a solo track called « Emerge »...

Konvex & the Shadow : Konvex And The Shadow is composed of two inspired French musicians, both multi-instrumentists, composers, authors, sound designers, music producers with a lot in common, like their values or their unlimited love for music.

Konvex is the Dj, the percussionist, the keyboardist, the singer and the guy in the spotlights. Child of the French electronic music scene, drowned by the underground labels, he is always following his intuitions and inner rhythmic melodies to create sensations !

Rodéric is a drummer, a keyboardist, a sound and mastering engineer and the shadow behind Konvex. « Learning by playing » has always been his method to approach and know how to produce lots of music genres from Massive Attack to The Beatles, passing through roots or produced genres like symphonic, vintage disco, indie rock, dirty funk, deep soul, urban musics and of course electronic musics… or Brit pop ? Rodéric is constantly improving his production skills to enhance emotions !

Gloomy, mysterious and often uncatchable, the music of Konvex And The Shadow, KATS for short, is a journey between darkness and light.

In their recording studios, KATS collects sound takes, carves the matter, composes and decomposes each sound to create a personal music, a music that loves "human errors", considered as essential for vivid grooves and surprises.

The part of darkness in KATS's project is a way to put things in perspective.

After releases on several labels such as Kindisch, Get Physical and OFF Recordings, they decided in 2015 to create their own imprint. They teamed up with their good friend and colleague Melokolektiv. AZZUR Music was born !

Later on, they joined forces with the Danish producer Nandu who became the third member of the team.

Their idea and vision for AZZUR was to define and create their own path in this very complex electronic music industry. They started to showcase their talents mainly through Europe, are mentioned as.

Remix competition winner No. 2: CRS+BRG

CRS+BRG is a duo formed by Cristian Addabbo and Giorgio Piermattei aka BioRG, during the end of 2014. It all began when they found themselves sharing the booth in several occasions, and noticed they had the same sound in the sets, thus same musical tastes. The main purpose of the duo is to propose a new and specific sound, principally influenced by chicago house and modern deep house: Kerri Chandler; Detroit Swindle; Mr Finger; Larry Levan; Todd Terje; Tom Trago are some of the artists that mainly inspired CRS + BRG

Remix competition winner No.3: Giorgio Luceri 

Giorgio Luceri is an italian DJ and record producer. He produced his first record at 20 years old for Brooklyn-based label On the Prowl releasing from 2011 a stream of twenty releases for many of the best underground labels worldwide like Uzuri Recordings, Macadam Mambo, Giallo Disco, SAFT and the famed Chicago-based Mathematics Recordings, where he released most of his music with legendary Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being.

During this path he released in collaboration with names like: Gene Hunt, Kai Alcé, Jenifa Mayanja to name a few. 

In 2013 his first full-lenght album "Voices In My head" considered one the best full-lengh house album of that year.

From 2015 he works with "6D22" moniker and "Garofano Rosso": his project dedicated to italian tradition around OST and vintage cinema in tribute to many influential directors of this Art.




Remix competition winner No.4: Letryp

Greek-German-Russian Producer born in Germany. Grew up on Crete-Greece, living in Munich and Athens.

Influences: Classical music, Experimental Electronic, Avantgarde, Bass music and many others but mainly, simply the Unknown and what happens after Aiming but Missing Targets …

Main Releases and Bandcamp page :

Ghettotech release on Philthtrax Canada:

Production-Mixdown assistance:   

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Extract from an Exhibition in Munich (Sounddesign-Music):  

Remix competition winner No. 5: ReKaB

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