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In The Beginning Remix EP (incl. Remixes by: Deetron, Quarion, Snacks)

remixed by: Deetron, Quarion, Snacks, M.ono & Luvles

Exciting blend of organic and electrifiying house, ethereal melodies, encapsulates a lot of variety (as we like) remixes (DEETRON, QUARION a.m.o,) for the purist house heads as well as for fans of deep leftfield house or twisted groove addicts.

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  • CPT490-1:-3/

    A1 Marbert Rocel - Hold On (Deetron Dub)

  • CPT490-1:-3/

    A2 Marbert Rocel - Dawn Of The Day (Snacks Remix)

  • CPT490-1:-3/

    B1 Marbert Rocel - With Your Love (Quarion Remix)

  • CPT490-1:-3/

    B2 Marbert Rocel - Hold On (M.ono & Luvless Remix)

  • CPT490-1:-3/

    Digi01 Marbert Rocel - Hold On (Deetron Remix)

  • CPT490-1:-3/

    Digi02 Marbert Rocel - Hold On (Deetron Remix Radio Edit)

  • CPT490-1:-3/

    Digi03 Marbert Rocel - With Your Love (Mama Remix)

  • CPT490-1:-3/

    Digi04 Marbert Rocel - Hold On (Metaboman Remix)

  • CPT490-1:-3/

    Digi05 Marbert Rocel - Dance Slow (INK Remix)

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Marbert Rocel

A band as friendship. A band as a work of art. For the 3 unique characters that form Marbert Rocel, this has been a living utopia for more than ten years now.  Within the Marbert Rocel Studio, a charming togetherness of alleged contrasts evolved, ranging from songs that suddenly become secret weapons on house music dance floors to tracks that transfer peak time vibes to your living room sofa. All this is accomplished by incorporating playful details and delicate harmonies. Marbert Rocel literally dances across hermeneutic genre barriers by employing organic and electronic sounds equally.  They are working hard with patience, belief, a lot of cigarettes, and dozens of live gigs around Europe, to spread their charm with passion and a wicked glints in their eyes. There is this lack of pretention in their music which everybody loves, actually people from the techno, soul, jazz or pop worlds even all seems to be convinced.

“In the Beginning” is the fourth album by Marbert Rocel, a living utopia and a tart kiss for every purist genre lover. Nothing is hewn raw on here, rather sculptured delicately. Percussion is tickling from synth pads like dew, and the songs welcome you like good friends.

Now we are embarking with a stunning remix package of their fourth album “In the Beginning”  including remixes by Deetron, Snacks, Quarion, M.ono&Luvless, Metaboman, INK and Mama.


Having been involved with making and playing music for over 20 years now, Deetron is an artist who is assured in his ambitions and a highly skilled performer. Constantly in demand around the globe, whether it be for club/festival appearances, where his mind boggling three-deck set up often takes precedence, his special touch on remixes or simply for his own diverse range of productions, Deetron has maintained a high level of quality in every aspect of his career.


Snacks is New Zealand/German duo Rene Corbett & Aljoscha Babel. New House music produced with heart and soul. Formed in a smokey table tennis bar, solidified over 1 or 2 good German beers and the sound refined during many long hours spent in Aljoscha's synth filled Berlin studio. 

The unique combination of Aljoscha's love for hardware and Hip Hop, Rene's Jazz, Soul & Funk background brings together a sound rich in history and full in musicality. Manifested in an exciting live show with percussion, vintage synths and always centered around a groove and swing that has dance floors sweating and smiling till the early hours.  

The first song was composed during a 10 hour bus ride to Warsaw. A jazz drum solo inspired groove which when fully developed went on to become one of the strongest songs of the 2014 summer. Featuring regularly in sets & charts of Detroit Swindle, Prosumer, Star Slinger, Ben UFO, Kraak & Smaak and many more great artists. The sound being described as house music in a class all of it's own. Keep a close eye on Snacks this year and expect big things. With EP's on Boogie Angst, House Of Disco and Magic Jams expected 2016 will be a big year for the two Berliners.


Berlin-based, Swiss-born QUARION has produced and played with a wide variety of musicians since the late nineties. First, crafting skilful beats and samples for hip hop MC's, then shaping versatile tech house grooves as Enterplay with Geneva's Rosario and Japan’s Force Of Nature producer DJ Kent, or with jazz keyboardist Leo Tardin. As Ianeq also put out a stellar 12'' with Snax on Get Physical and if you asked a 90's clubber, he would be remembered as the fine drum & bass DJ he used to be.

A moody yet gregarious soul, Quarion has co-founded the vinyl-only Retreat imprint and is a member of Drumpoet Community, both of these labels being his favourite outlets for the widescreen, uplifting house with instrumental flourishes he creates today. By now a well-heeled alumni of high end clubs such as Watergate in Berlin, Goa in Madrid, Rex in Paris, Zukunft in Zurich or tours of Australia, USA and Japan, Quarion takes the stage for a soulful DJ set or one of his always renewed, semi-improvised live performances with the same determination and hopeful inspiration he already blew into his sax and scratched his vinyl with as a teenager. Music casts a spell on all of us through people like him.


M.ono & Luvless are two German, Leipzig based DJ´s and producers who are widely known as two of the five men behind Rose Records which formed in 2011. They released their debut 12″ Various One, a hand stamped, vinyl only pressing featuring various artists from their roster of talent; namely Luvless, Martin Hayes and M.ono this sold out extremely quickly. The trio stuck with the winning formula and released two further VA EP’s, each one selling out and being supported by a handful of influential DJ’s including Move D, Aaron Dae, Moomin, Jimpster and Session Victim. Luvless has harnessed his love of house, hip hop, disco, soul and jazz and distilled these influences to form the basis of his productions. Youngster M.ono was inspired by the House, Drum & Bass and Hip Hop sounds of the late 90s and early 2000s. His deep love and appreciation for music across all genres is evident in his productions which can be seen as sunny, emotional house tracks often with big piano chords and funky swinging bass lines.


Mama are three guys from Erfurt performing a well working mix of electronic and indie music. Charming guitars, power pianos and hip hop influenced beats are the recipe for their first single House of Cards on Poch Poch records.

In the Business Park Plagwitz Leipzig West, INK unite craft tradition with modern and rational manufacturing techniques amidst an industrial setting. Mobility, customer care and the processing of qualitative products are always first priority for INK as they show on labels like Freund der Familie, Ortloff Records or Roundabout Sounds.


At first there was hip-hop. Metaboman wanted to rap and that he did. In his easy and loose manner with the Feindrehstar founding member to which he belongs. Co- ming up from the rear was house and techno. He took his MPC under arm and toge- ther with him back from whence he came. From the back to the front he came “up on’em” and that was in 2002. Musik Krause was born. The tandem DJ & thought team with Carlson Basu named Krause Duo took to the road. Somewhere between a shindig wind and cold chillin’ there developed their from every quarter acknow- ledged savory style; the notorious “Krause Schrouse and Traschno”. The self-produced songs that are somewhere between wit, depth and strong cha- racter, as well as being driven by a variety of ideas, the lion’s share of which driven from the grooves by Metaboman. Occasionally you can also find him solo playing his thing or live with diverse musicians for the most part as Metabomans Bogruppe. The Krause Duo is and remains the two & only Krause Duo. Rambazamba joints like you might expect. Metaboman angles further in the direction of his debut album (2013) of course brought to life on Musik Krause. As a live project with the Feindrehstar compadre Lars Mäurer he in the direction of the next step between stage and club over hand- operated electronic tools and wood and sonic processing machines. A running and unconventional beauty develops in his sound. The groove and the bass are deep, the tracks are crispy and elastic at the same time and everything smells like wood. It’s music. Music for the mind and body.


Quotes about “In The Beginning” – album:

“„In The Beginning“ also provides A1 hits for dancing our frosty sorrows away and takes us along a Magical Mystery Tour in a picturesque, surreal Pepperland world.” Superior Magazine

“eingliedriger, sanfter und erwachsener Pop, der besonders durch Spunks Gesang ins Pop-Universum gehievt wird.“

„Nice album!“

„This new album sounds soothing and promising at first glance.” Djbroadcast

“exceptional album release“


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