CPT 478-1

Paradise EP (incl. Remix by: Siren, Gavin Russom)

by: Siren
remixed by: Siren, Gavin Russom

Siren is Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area, Startree) and Dennis Kane (Disques Sinthomme, Ghost Town). Siren began recording in earnest during the  winter of 2013, but has beginnings which date farther back, to their mutual residencies at NYC’s storied night-spot APT, and to the parties they produced together in APT’s wake. Events with names like Camille 3000, Adult Section and Strobe Lodge were lovingly presented, with bold, romantic graphics and a strong, specific statement that refinement and transgression can, and should always hang together.

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    A Siren - Paradise (Original Mix)

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    B Siren - Paradise (Gavin Russom Dub)

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    Digi Only Siren - Paradise (Siren Remix)

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Their third single, entitled “Paradise,” follows up last autumn’s sweeping and euphoric “A/Way” with Mr. Reed by stripping itself down and baring its elements in a slowly-unfolding workout, which is as haunting as it is thumping and propulsive.  “Paradise” is lush but also sinewy and spare, hinting at the compositional economy of that liminal mid-80s period where R&B and the developing sound of club music met.  Mark Dann’s slide-y, honeyed, slightly-psychedelic bassline spars with a stone-cold guitar riff and synths which soar and declare, but somehow maintain their delicacy.  Downtown-NY icon Felice Rosser effortlessly delivers a powerful-but-breathy and emotionally-evocative vocal which seduces the dancer and makes clear just which side of the existential fence Siren transmits from.

 “Paradise” is backed with an equally-compelling, late-night, dark and mechanical techno dub by Gavin Russom (Black Meteoric Star, DFA), and the digital release of the single includes a lean, futuristic, drum-machine led 5AM NY-vibe re-interpretation by Siren.