CPT 440-1

Wu / Unsafe Music - Compost Black Label #112 (incl. Remixes by: Einzelkind & Robin Scholz, Space Coast)

remixed by: Einzelkind & Robin Scholz, Space Coast, Si Tew
featured by: Carla Müller-Schultzke & Jamano, Cia Torun

Wait wait, till the two rollover melodies emerging. An extraordinary hybrid of twisted beats and live music, and great remixes by Einzelkind, Si Tew, Space Coast.

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  • CPT440-3/

    A1_The OhOhOhs_Wu (Einzelkind & Robin Scholz Remix)

  • CPT440-3/

    A2_The OhOhOhs_Wu (Video Version)

  • CPT440-3/

    B1_The OhOhOhs_Unsafe Music feat Carla Müller-Schultzke & Jamamo (Original)

  • CPT440-3/

    B2_The OhOhOhs_Wu (Space Coast Remix)

  • CPT440-3/

    Digi Only01_The OhOhOhs_Unsafe Music feat Carla Müller-Schultzke (Si Tew Remix)

  • CPT440-3/

    Digi Only02_The OhOhOhs_Wu (Extended Version)

  • CPT440-3/

    Digi Only03_The OhOhOhs_Wu (The OhOhOhs Acoustic Remix)

  • CPT440-3/

    Digi Only04_The OhOhOhs_Kristalliner Shit

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We welcome The OhOhOhs on Compost Black Label with their unique disco-driven indietronic analogue outfit. The package comes with a lush techy remix by Einzelkind & Robin Scholz, developing a wicked playfulness. Space Coast delivering an epic synth-packed disco version of the original. Si Tew’s remix decorates the smooth “Unsafe Music” with decent production skills, both percussive and bassy in an eclectic way.

A wild premier theater party kicked it all off. Using an old organ sitting at front of the theater and drums left over from a play, Flo and Flo became The OhOhOhs and asked themselves the crucial question, „What do we actually want to play?“ After all, one Flo was a classic pianist addicted to repetition and playful melodies and the other Flo was a percussionist steeped in Afro-Cuban polyrhythm with a fondness for funk. An old Yamaha synthesizer provided the answer... „Techno!“

We decided to play everything live, tapping the shamanistic magic of electronic club music to drive a two-man band.

Live sets are built upon layered patterns that are either backed up or broken by melodies, some stemming from classical music. The audience and the energy dictate the nature of each performance. The lengths of the tracks, breaks or bridges are not fixed.
The quest for music means pursuing the happiness that repays the sweat and trouble of rehearsal; it means hunting that beautiful sequence that produces an enlightened moment; it means building up a boundless progression, and then smashing it with a harsh break.

With The OhOhOhs, you can expect a wild rocking live performance, an act to make you go stark raving mad. Even techno skeptics will lose their minds.
In the studio, The OhOhOhs explore opportunities that combine acoustic instruments with synths, digital sounds and voice.

The basic idea is to find spaces in the different approaches of electronic and acoustic music to flip perspectives. It can be beautiful and exhilarating playing a Bach Fugue cut into loops and combine it with a polyrhythmical conga-pattern trying to add an acoustically played delay effect while the feet begin to tap a 4/4 techno-beat... The OhOhOrchestra will come alive!

Einzelkind, a "local-hero" from Frankfurt, is known for his releases on labels such as Get Physical, Kindisch and Playhouse, and running his own labels JAX and La Pena. His coop release „Are Back“ 12inch, released in August’13, with young talent Robin Scholz went place 13 in the Groove Mag Charts and was played by Mano Le Tough, Axel Boman, Sascha Dive, Michael Rütten etc...

Space Coast is a joint venture of Sleazy McQueen and Jorge Collazo. They were delivering a magnificient moody remix for Indoor Life’s “Think Of Me” on their 2CD album on Compost in 2012 and a nice disco-ish rework for Timo Garcia & Manu Delago’s Hang Track Pt.2.

Simon Tew aka Si Tew, knows the fundamental weight of the right flow. Martin Iveson (Atjazz) said “A very talented young man from middle England with an unquenchable thirst for Electronic music!” After attended University where he pushed his abilities as a producer running radio show broadcasts, recording vocalists & performing his ever popular DJ sets in venues across the midlands. He began his first collaboration under the moniker ‘Mist Works’, where he found himself able to express his musicality professionally and also with an end game being a record release. During this collaborative project he found himself pulling together his own songs and productions and built these pieces of work up into what turned out to be his debut album: ‘When The Clouds Ran Away’, followed by several maxi releases on labels such as Phat Elephant Recordings, Soul Free Records and of course Atjazz Records. He was also contributing a nice remix for Robert Owens’ “Cherish Your Love” from the “Art” album on Compost.