CPT 439-1

Elaste Vol. 4

by: V.A.

Welcome to the fourth chapter of the ELASTE series! In this compilation I am progressing a style I am inaugurating: Vintage Futurism.

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  • CPT439-2_ELASTE Vol.4/

    01_CHARANJIT SINGH - Raga Madhuvanti

  • CPT439-2_ELASTE Vol.4/

    02_C CAT TRANCE_Shake The Mind

  • CPT439-2_ELASTE Vol.4/

    03_CYBOTRON - Mumbo Jumbo

  • CPT439-2_ELASTE Vol.4/

    04_RINDER & LEWIS_Gluttony (Dompteur Mooner Edit)

  • CPT439-2_ELASTE Vol.4/

    05_MAN FRIDAY - Love Honey, Love Heartache (Larry Levan's Original Unreleased Garage Demo Mix)

  • CPT439-2_ELASTE Vol.4/

    06_BARBARA NORRIS_Heavy Hitter (Dompteur Mooner Edit)

  • CPT439-2_ELASTE Vol.4/

    07_CHANGE_The End (LP Version)

  • CPT439-2_ELASTE Vol.4/

    08_GINO SOCCIO_Remember (LP Version)

  • CPT439-2_ELASTE Vol.4/

    09_NAD_Distant Drums

  • CPT439-2_ELASTE Vol.4/


  • CPT439-2_ELASTE Vol.4/

    11_SAND‘E_Notice Me (Notice The House Mix)

  • CPT439-2_ELASTE Vol.4/

    12_DISCO D_Beat It

  • CPT439-2_ELASTE Vol.4/


  • CPT439-2_ELASTE Vol.4/

    Vinyl Only_TAMBIEN_Quedarte

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The best metaphor for this genre is Charanjit Singh's 1982 album Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat in which he created a sound which mirrors, but more importantly pre-dates, the first acid house record by five years. It is no novelty record, but truly capturing the hypnotic potential of acid/house music. It became my key track for Elaste Volume 4. Previous incarnations of Elaste have aimed to catch the spirit of the late 70’s Italian Cosmic Discotheque, a place where the history of DJing was rewritten within this microcosm. For this latest instalment I was most intrigued by weird of-the-time (or ‘out-of’ as the case turned out to be) electronic disco, a vast genre! Bringing together those progressive avant-garde tracks that were expanding the genres of house, disco, acid, new wave; and ultimately use Elaste as a vehicle to highlight those tracks that were ahead of their time. These legendary works ranges from 1978 to 1996, a wide spectrum of musical history, in which some of the older tracks may sound modern, and newer ones sound may sound vintage. Many of these authentic back-to-the-aural-future moments were initial sparks for whole genres - Larry Heard´s Disco-D alias happened just before house music. Greg Wilson’s 1984 project Equip was produced for a UK Electro compilation, but never made the LP, because it sounded simply too futuristic. Michael Rinder´s Gluttony can’t be called Disco any more, not even Post-Disco. For Elaste Vol. 4 we have built Vintage Futurism as a home for these ultramodern mavericks. Dompteur Mooner