CPT 437-1

Compost Black Label #109 (incl. Remixes by: Dinky)

remixed by: Dinky
featured by: Roland Appel, Justine Hörwarth

Christian Prommer's awesome herald for his first solo album „ÜberMood“!

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    Christian Prommer_Aturo

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    Christian Prommer_Double Red with Roland Appel

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    Christian Prommer_Duckwalk (Dinky Remix)

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    Christian Prommer_Duckwalk with Beanfield

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    DigiBonus_Christian Prommer_Duckwalk (Dinky Dub)

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Christian Prommer's awesome herald for his first solo album „ÜberMood“! Featuring collaborations with long term labelmates Beanfield and Roland Appel. The Friends At Work EP! And we are more than happy to throw in some serious remix pressure with Dinky’s vibrant rework for „Duckwalk“!

Unbelievable but true, „Duckwalk“ marks Christian Prommers first studio collaboration with Beanfields Jan Krause! Tripping 70s synths and futuristic beats in combination with classical voices and a crisp production are laying the ground for this truly amazing midtempo tune.

No wonder „Duckwalk“ caught the attention of Dinky when we asked her to contribute a remix. We were very enthusiastic about Dinky’s „Dimension D“ album on Visionquest last year – and the way she is recently fusing songwriting, indie- and pop influences with clubmusic in a touching, fresh way. This proved to be the perfect formula for her „Duckwalk“ remixes as well. She increased the tempo, added a disco infected bassline, some claps, percussion and centered the general mood of the track towards the dancefloor. Dinky wrote, sung and recorded additional lyrics and vocals for her rework, harmonizing perfectly with the classical vocal parts from the original. She added a very special and personal note to it. The strong Dinky Dub comes along with reduced vocals and will be available as a digital bonus track.

With the Debussy inspired chord sequence of „Aturo“, Christian Prommer delivers just the perfect piece of a clubtune with a very cinematic soundscape - driven by the piano and deep bass!! Simplicity meets musicality in perfection!

One more high quality offering on this versatile EP is „Double Red“ – a collaboration between Christian Prommer and Roland Appel. With the latter he formed and has been part of projects like Fauna Flash, Trüby Trio (w. Rainer Trüby) or Voom:Voom (w. Peter Kruder). After a longer break Prommer and Appel hit the dancefloors again in late 2012 when they released „Return Of The Aquarius“ on the mighty Life And Death label. „Double Red“ is another great achievement of these sessions – great build up, deep and spacey vocals and a fierce bass make this tune a epic club workout!