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BHVL - Compost Black Label #106 (incl. Remixes by: Nico Pusch, Roman Rauch, MOTSA)

remixed by: Nico Pusch, Roman Rauch, MOTSA

Radio Diffusion is an electronic music project founded by Hans Staudinger and Sebastian Badics - both DJs, producers and passionate music enthusiasts.

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    A1_BHVL (Roman Rauch Remix Vocal Dub)

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    A2_BHVL (Original)

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    B1_BHVL (MOTSA Remix)

  • CPT429-3/

    B2_BHVL (Nico Pusch Remix)

  • CPT429-3/

    Digi1_BHVL (Radio Diffusion's Tropical Remix)

  • CPT429-3/

    Digi2_BHVL (Roman Rauch Remix Instrumental)

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Radio Diffusion is an electronic music project founded by Hans Staudinger and Sebastian Badics - both DJs, producers and passionate music enthusiasts. Call it fate, coincidence or simply great timing, their paths crossed on a music event on a farm in the wilderness of Upper Austria. Soon they discovered their mutual romantic idea about electronic music and they joined forces in order to lift their power to a whole new level.

Of course neither of them are unknown in the Austrian music scene – lost in the Viennese downtempo-hype of the late 90s, Hans Staudinger already gained stage-experiences with live-electronic performances and residencies in eminent clubs such as FLEX and Donau. By 2006, he was co-founder of Flex Vinyls and a year later he published his first release "Now and Then", which clearly reflected his love for Chicago house. Hooked on techno and underground house, he started collecting vintage synthesizers and developed his producing skills while continuing his work on his farm.

While always feeling a great passion and appreciation for electronic music, it was during the late 90's that Sebastian Badics started to buy his own techno and house vinyl. From that point forward it did not take long until he began playing his own gigs at secret afterparties on a farm near Linz, which quickly led to various small but vastly successful events during the following years. While still producing techno and house in his home studio until 2004, his love from Drum n Bass eventually triggered a change in style. Only a year later, in 2005, he did Drum n Bass / Reggae events in some of Linz's most famous locations like the Tunnel, Posthof or Cembran Keller, quickly gaining more popularity among fans of the scene. While music was his passion, he still finished his studies in 2009 and started working at the renowned Ars Electronica Center, one of Linz's most well known attractions.

In 2010 Hans Staudinger teamed up with Sebastian Badics and RADIO DIFFUSION was born as an authentic’n’synergetic strike duo with a clear-cut course: REALNESS & EGALITÉ! Delivering their precious tunes on a par with their beloved crowd, their live-sets are always a well balanced blend of references to the past, snapshots of the present and their own progress.

Their biggest hit was a release with Compost Records in spring 2013. The single “BHVL” caught the attention of a huge audience and has been broadcasted on several radio stations in Austria (e.g. FM4) and beyond.

Heavy baselines, driving synth chords, sophisticated drum-programming – that’s the world of RADIO DIFFUSION!

The Remixers:

The Dj and producer Roman Rauch (Philpot, MAM Secret Waepon, Tenderpark) doesn’t like to compromise. He’s constantly pushing his musical boundaries – his way to play the game and his decision-making attest realness and composure. It is very possible that this cat will ditch a label that is offering a release, just because it is set on the mainstream tip and will only offer mp3 releases. But there’s no need for him to rush – the full time musician is in high demand and constantly busy playing Dj gigs, doing radio shows (Generell Deep) and producing tracks. He can count names by the likes of Tokyo Dawn, U:Beat, Tjumy, 4Lux and Philpot amongst the labels which he has had releases on. Praised by tastemakers like Gilles Peterson, Jimpster and Soulphicition he recently had a track on Gilles Peterson’s Masterpiece-Mix-Compilation for Ministry of Sound. Soulphiction remixed his track “Can’t get enough” that received worldwide attention. Forthcoming releases will be coming out on the Berlin based label Tenderpark and the Japanese Endless Flight label, a subsidiary of the renowned Mule Musiq, within the next months. In addition Roman is a passionate record collector, Vintage Audio nerd and collaborates with people like Kid Sublime, Minor Sick, Perrez, Alex Bayer, Philta, Blunted Monkz and Dorian Concept. Next to the ones mentioned above, there are more promising releases planned. One thing that can be said already is that Philpot will be down again.

Roman Rauch is not only an amazing live act but also a brilliant Dj that blends Deep House with Broken Beat and sophisticated Electronica. Reminding you of Chicago and Detroit – deep, rough and real. Roman Rauch is one of those musicians that you won’t be able to leave out in the future – so you can do nothing wrong if you get his name tattooed on your arm already.

Valerio Dittrich aka MOTSA grew up in the Scottish highlands surrounded by various styles of British electronic music. This period of his life, and a lust for soulful music from any country or continent, has clearly left marks in his production style today. Through the years he has collaborated and experimented in various genres to keep his output versatile. His current sound is somewhere between glitchy yet dance floor oriented beats and bass driven electronica. 

Nico Pusch was born in 1986 and grew up in a small town in the north of Germany near the Baltic Sea. Due to the support of his uncle, he came in touch with music from around the world pretty early, with being influenced most by artists like for among others Marek Hemmann, Aka Aka, Oliver Schories or Stephan Bodzin.
With the passion for electronic dance music rising at the age of 14, he bought his first computer to start producing his first tracks with great enthusiasm, and to realize his ideas without limits.
Nico always combines emotions and minimal styles in his tunes being open- minded for new influences with representing a mixture of Techno, Minimal, Sunrise Music and Tech House.