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Hanging On The DJ-Booth - Compost Black Label #99

Christian Prommer is back on Compost Black Label with a new EP and a new dancing style.

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Christian Prommer is back on Compost Black Label with a new EP and a new dancing style:

Hanging On The DJ Booth, Ladys: This is how it's done.

The "Hanging On The Dj Booth" EP is heavily inspired by a cool girl that loves to hang upside down on the DJ Booth at our favorite clubs in Munich - sometimes breaking the DJ booth and getting invoices from the clubs for the damage. Never paying them, but being upset about it, because she thinks that the clubs should pay her for her dancing and hanging on the DJ booth (You can see her in action on Christian Prommer FB Page). I try to only play in clubs where this girl is around. If I could, I would marry her.

These tracks are part of the upcoming Christian Prommer album "Ambach" that will be released in October 2013 to celebrate the Compost Black Label issue 100.