CPT 371-2

Don’t Fear It, Fight It

by: Joash
featured by: Replife, Andy Herbertson, Aaron David Frith

Here comes the surprisingly silver shimmering nu-electronica. Well, the music style here is difficult to compare, we call it: outstanding gorgeous listening music. If someone may know the Penguin Café Orchestra from their most successful period of the early Eighties, perhaps this music can be described as the repetitive 2011 modern electronic version of P.C.O.

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  • CPT371-2 128/

    01 The First Cause

  • CPT371-2 128/

    02 Salome

  • CPT371-2 128/

    03 Assassin

  • CPT371-2 128/

    04 Mission (feat. Replife)

  • CPT371-2 128/

    05 Bleed

  • CPT371-2 128/

    06 This Beautiful Machine

  • CPT371-2 128/

    07 The Simple Things (feat. Andy Herbertson)

  • CPT371-2 128/

    08 Don_t Fear It, Fight It

  • CPT371-2 128/

    09 Montreal

  • CPT371-2 128/

    10 77

  • CPT371-2 128/

    11 Climb (feat. Aaron David Frith)

  • CPT371-2 128/

    12 Your Star Still Shines

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The album fuses dancefloor sounds and jazz rhythms with orchestral arrangements. The result is a deep and beautiful soundscape of strings, complex drum patterns and atmospheric electronics.
Joash is a London based producer who started his musical career as a drummer. Long before he developed a love for dance music, buying early records by Plastikman, Laurent Garnier and other techno pioneers. At the same time, having borrowed a Serge Gainsbourg album from a friend, Joash was blown away by the mixture of jazz and orchestral sounds that still sounded fresh.
He started listening to many old maestros including Lalo Schifrin, Krzysztof Komeda and Ennio Morricone as well as more recent acts such as 4Hero, The Cinematic Orchestra or Xploding Plastix. From Jazz artists to Techno producers, all have played their part to influence the music that he produces now.
Since his debut track 'Salome' was selected for Compost Record's highly acclaimed 'Future Sound Of Jazz' compilation, (“Salome“ was played by Gilles Peterson more than one time at his Worldwide show), Joash has been working hard to create his debut album 'Don't Fear It, Fight It'.

Press Quotes:
“Orchestral future pop. The spirited way Joash presents his dramatic blueprint of pop, that is carried by strings, is jaw-dropping when you listen to it the first time. It forms itself to a brilliant amalgam which thinks of Pop one step ahead. This is what makes “Don’t Fear It, Fight It” a timeless album.
(GROOVE, 2011)