CPT 368-1

Compost Black Label #72 (incl. Remixes by: Kirk Degioorgio, Melon)

remixed by: Kirk Degioorgio, Melon
featured by: Jemeni

We continue the adventures of TJ Kong & Nuno dos Santos in the world of twisted emotional deep electronic house music.

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We continue the adventures of TJ Kong & Nuno dos Santos in the world of twisted emotional deep electronic house music. Their recent album „After Dark, My Sweet“ (CD released June 2010 on Compost), empowered their names and reputation across the globe. This remix EP featuring again house legend Robert Owens and the Canadian hip hop poet Jemini.  Besides the original versions, which are taken from their debut album, their long-time friend Kirk Degiorgio delivers a skillfully lush house remix that keeps the mood warm, build a vibe and is growing and  and growing. Already received lots of positive feedback (see quotes below). Creative inspiration.

You might also recognize the voice of Jemeni in the spoken words of „Once Upon A Rhyme“. She gave thousands of DJs a knock on the head with Nick Holder's „No More Dating DJs“. Melon, who has managed to gain residencies and regular bookings at some of the world’s finest clubs purely by being great at spinning records, such as Fabric, Robert Johnson or Panorama Bar, adopted the track and created a highly addictive cool club mix. Straight a call to the dancers. Watch out for more remixes coming soon.