CPT 360-2

Compost Black Label Series Vol. 4

by: V.A.
mixed by: SHOW-B
featured Artists: Solomun, SHOW-B, Rainer Trüby and many more!

Compost Black Label is proud to present and celebrate the fourth chapter of latest and recent vinyl tunes.

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  • CPT391-1 128/

    ._01 Tumbling

  • CPT391-1 128/

    ._02 Raw Dayz

  • CPT391-1 128/

    ._03 Glad To Be Mad

  • CPT391-1 128/

    ._04 Triohu

  • CPT391-1 128/

    01 Tumbling

  • CPT391-1 128/

    02 Raw Dayz

  • CPT391-1 128/

    03 Glad To Be Mad

  • CPT391-1 128/

    04 Triohu

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Compost Black Label is proud to present and celebrate the fourth chapter of latest and recent vinyl tunes. All done by most talented actors (for example Solomun, Peter Kruder, Rainer Trueby, Roland Appel, Jay Shepheard, Shahrokh a.o. or remixers like Pilooski, Franck Roger, Afrilounge, Tiefschwarz, Roberto Rodriguez a.o.)
If you check some of the DJ quotes about the particular tracks (see below) you get an impression how we kicked off the last months. From moody late night house, via jazzy chords, jacking beats, discoid elements, deep tunes, or colorful techy soulful house music, our label vibe seems to be best typified and represented here. SHOW-B, another strong character of ours, selected and mixed the quelque chose while he’s delivering the new stunning, exclusive track “Jammin’” here. Expect more like this musical disco- or marimba-house tunes by SHOW-B on Compost Black Label later 2010, and watch out his amazing remix for Omar (which will see the light of the streets and clubs 2010 along with Henrik Schwarz & Andre Lodemann remixes on Peppermint Jam) or check his production skills for the forthcoming Robert Owens album in 2010. SHOW-B ‘s Black Label debut in 2009 fetched so many great press and DJ response, some tracks went straight into dozens of top DJs playlists and - well - No. 1 charts of the year 2009 by last but not least Steve Bug. By the way, top guy SHOW-B also is a top top DJ with several residencies in Munich (Registratur / Compost Black Label club nights @ Harry Klein) and that’s only one reason why he’s running the weekly Compost Black Label Sessions Radio Show in conjunction with our man Thomas Herb.