CPT 325-2

Slow Motion

by: Minus 8
featured by: Virag, Jabere, Rachel Montana, Miriam S.

For considerable time Minus 8 stands for reduced pace and Downtempo music.

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  • CPT 325/

    01 Slow Motion 1

  • CPT 325/

    02 Winter Tales feat. Virag

  • CPT 325/

    03 Let It Go feat. Virag

  • CPT 325/

    04 Soverato _09

  • CPT 325/

    05 Everybody_s Gotta Learn Sometime

  • CPT 325/

    06 Last Nite

  • CPT 325/

    07 Give It Back feat. Virag

  • CPT 325/

    08 Enigma Of A Summer Afternoon

  • CPT 325/

    09 We_re Waiting feat. Virag

  • CPT 325/

    10 Close Your Eyes feat. Virag

  • CPT 325/

    11 Juy feat. Rachel Montana

  • CPT 325/

    12 Wonderland feat. Miriam S.

  • CPT 325/

    13 Hustler feat. Jabere

  • CPT 325/

    14 Make Your Day feat. Miriam S.

  • CPT 325/

    15 Gymnopédie No. 1

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For considerable time Minus 8 stands for reduced pace and Downtempo music.

Is Downtempo coming back? In contrast to the tempo delusion of DJs and the hectic lifechanges, the answer is yes. At some time someone will announce the revival of ‘90s Downbeat music again – however – Minus 8 always was a part of it.: warm, jazzy sounds, organic rhythms, smart vocals and sometimes even a little bit of funkyness -  but yet, always in a well temperated manner.

He uses his DJ-experience  gained in different genres like Hip Hop, Drum&Bass, Latin, Funk and Jazz to create a round and homogeneous album as result.  „Slow Motion“ is without a doubt his most adult album.  Even though the tempo increases from time to time towards the end of the album, he never looses himself in arbitrariness or adds another  clubtune, instead he integrates it consistently in his overall trademark-sound.

His music definitely has rough edges which stand out in a disarming  vacuity.

Producer, DJ and A&R Jan Meyer aka Minus 8 is a true swiss charmer in his metier – and not only in our opinion! His five solo albums already  caused enthusiasm: “Beyond“ (Inflamabel/Jaboo, 1996), “Beyond Beyond“ (Higher Ground, 1998), “Elysian Fields“ (Compost, 2000), “Minuit“ (Compost, 2002) and “Eclectica“ (Stereo DeLuxe 2004).

You can find numerous of his songs on over 150 compilations e.g. „DJ Kicks“, „Cafe Del Mar“, „Glücklich 4“, „Hotel Costes“, „Fashion Week“, „Afrotonic“ – an indicator for his enormous musical width and popularity.

Apple Macintosh, accordingly Steve Jobs himself,  chose a Minus 8 song for their worldwide „Powerbook“  commercial campaign.  Furthermore there are a couple of smaller commercials using music of Minus 8.

Robert Jan Meyer also started his own compilation-series: „Science Fiction Jazz 1-11 (Vol.1 at the same time, was the beginning  of the „Mole Listening Pearls“- Label) and „Batucada 1-3“. He compiled the 2-CD „Blue Note Weekend“ for the renomated Jazz-Label „Blue Note“ and two more samplers on the japanese market.

Minus 8’s EP „Solaris“, which is on Compost Black Label, is played in the sets of big international names, such as: DJ Hell, Laurent Garnier, Tiga and Rainer Trüby

His song „White“ has cult-status, too.

 Robert Jan Meyer started his career in the 1980’s as a bassist of a Funkband.  Soon he discovered his passion for electronic music and experimentated with a keyboard and a sampler. Since 1993 he’s spinning records as a DJ – controlling almost every style. 

He played at prestigious festivals like the Amsterdam Dance Valley, the Montreaux Jazz Festival and Rosklide, went on tour in Australia  USA and in a lot of other countries in Asia.  Besides that he played in Russia, Cuba, England, Germany, Denmark, Italy, France, Netherlands, Greece, Georgia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Portugal – among them there were several shows with his band.

Another passion of Robert are movie scores. He received a diversity of assignments in order to compose movies, filmlets and trailers.

He wrote the music to „Viktor Vogel – Commercial Man“ (Columbia Pictures), a german cine film with Götz George.