CPT 306-2

Dripping Point

featured by: Jamie Lloyd, Siri Svegler, Toyin Taylor, Robert Owens

Besides his passion for classical music he has always been into electronic music as well Does any Iranian participate in the global dance circus?

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  • CPT 306/

    01 Break It Down feat. Jamie Lloyd

  • CPT 306/

    02 Letting You Go feat. Siri Svegler

  • CPT 306/

    03 Love Happens feat. Toyin Taylor

  • CPT 306/

    04 Leave Your Hat On feat. Siri Sveg

  • CPT 306/

    05 Ilike

  • CPT 306/

    06 Time And Again feat. Toyin Taylor

  • CPT 306/

    07 Big Boys feat. Toyin Taylor

  • CPT 306/

    08 See The Light feat. Siri Svegler

  • CPT 306/

    09 Roya

  • CPT 306/

    10 Perfect Stranger feat. Robert Owe

  • CPT 306/

    11 Super Size Cup feat. Jamie Lloyd

  • CPT 306/

    12 After All feat. Robert Owens

  • CPT 306/

    13 Old Score

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Besides his passion for classical music he has always been into electronic music as well Does any Iranian participate in the global dance circus?

Yep, they do: Deep Dish,  Ali Dubfire and Shahrokh.

Born into the highly westworld influenced Shah-era, he passed his high school diploma in Teheran

and moved to Germany after the regime fall.

„Persians are melancholic people“, says Shahrokh, „with a huge appreciation for poetic.“

„His congenius partner Andreas Köhler looks back on long lasting stays as well.

But what does it have in common with House music?

The persian folk music, is based on house tempo from 120 to 126 bpm, even though persian folk music is more polyrhythmical, the melancholic melodies lord over these tempi.

The ethnic dances are very similar to Jackin – hydraulic down to top dancing – quite different to the prevalent Rockin´ or Headnodding in the west.

In the music of Shahrokh the Cello or pads replace the melancholic component.

And when you remember early house of the late 80s/ early 90s you´ll find definitely plenty of these kind of moods as well. Just ask Robert Owens.


Since 1995 Shahrokh’s producing House Music and in addidion he´s the most important interpreneur for house- and clubmusic events in Karlsruhe where he’s creating the vibe and atmosphere as a DJ as well. Karlsruhe is famous for its art college „center for art and mediatechnology“ (short ZKM).

Shahrokh promotes and developed countless events in collaboration with ZKM – it would go beyound the scope to list them all here.


His own Clubs - „Terra Cotta“ back in the days and later on the legendary „Mood Lounge“- enjoy cult status already. Besides Shahrokh, housemusic heroes  Amé  (Christian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann) are spinning their records in „Mood Lounge“ regularly too and of course the worldwide who is who of sophisticated clubmusic, from Carl Craig to Jazzanova - from King Britt to DJ Deep they all shaked hands at „Mood Lounge“.


Everyone who met Shahrokh knows he´s a party and rave-animal from the very beginning –

somebody who can tell you spacy stories and as DJ and clubber he experienced alomst everything.


Shahrokh released his debut EP„Deff Punch / Roya“ on Black Flame in 1997 followed by „Phunk Communication“ on Caus-N’-ff-ct the year after. This one promplty has been licensed to the UK Label Miss Moneypeney’s.


„Yo Yomma“ his third work (one more time for Caus-N’-ff-ct) made it on the soundtrack of Wolfgang Peterson’s Blockbuster „Stargate“. Shahrokh continued his work with productions and reworks of Donna Summer´s „Hot Stuff“ and „Bad Girls plus a remix  for Gloria Gaynor „Last Night“ – all for the project „DJ Empire - A Tribute To Giorgio Moroder“ (Caus-N’-ff-ct/BMG Ariola).

Shahrokh’s partner Andreas Köhler – the K – enjoyed a classical music education. He studied at the music academies of Basel and Karlsruhe (cello and piano). Andreas toured worldwide with the SWR Symphonical Orchestra (the orchestra of one of the biggest german TV and Radio stations).

Since 1999 Andreas Köhler is taking care about/teaching at musicworkshops at ZKM in Karlsruhe. In these workshops the main focus is using the computer as a musical instrument.

and as a matter of fact, Andreas produced music for labels like Harthouse, Glasgow Underground or F-Communications (the label of Laurent Garnier) – under his moniker Sound Of K.


With the first collective release on Compost Records, Shahrokh and Sound Of K melt into the project Shahrokh Sound Of K. Their track „Owlflight“ got massive support from keyplayers like Rainer Trüby, Peter Kruder, Atjazz, Sasse and Àme.


Their biggest aim is giving Housemusic back musical basic structures, arrangements, live elements and a little bit of poetry. Different to this whole bunch of pre-programmed electronic music tracks currently out there, a lot of Shahrokh Sound Of K tunes resulting out of a jam situation where both of the guys playing with the musical elements.


Shahrokh Sound Of K. understand their album as a musical Dripping Point - the distillate of their many influences like Garage, Afro, House, Jazz and Discofunk.


Dripping Point includes vocal features by „the voice of house“ Robert Owens, Jamie Lloyd (known from his solo projects on Future Classic), the swedish songstress Siri Svegler and Toyin Taylor.