CPT 293-2

Compost Black Label Series Vol. 3

by: V.A.
mixed by: Jay Shepheard
featured Artists: Motor City Drum Ensemble, Jay Shepheard, Matt Flores and many more!

"The Blacklabel delivers once again! Proper deep and rolling vibes to hypnotize the dancefloor." (Jimpster)

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  • CPT471-1/

    A Siren with Mr. Reed - A Way (Original Mix)

  • CPT471-1/

    B Siren with Mr. Reed - A Way (Faze Action Dub)

  • CPT471-1/

    DigiBonus Siren with Mr. Reed - A Way (Radio Edit)

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"The Blacklabel delivers once again! Proper deep and rolling vibes to hypnotize the dancefloor."


Three years ago Compost Records was breaking new grounds with the formation of the Blacklabel Series. The aim was to put Compost back on the dancefloor map and into the cases of the worlds leading international DJs. The formula was easy: less jazz and soul – more house and tekky stuff. The outcome wasn’t the “typical” Compost sound anymore which people related with the Munich based label. This was bleepy and creepy, dark and pumping! Distinguishable by its artwork, colour and sound, the Blacklabel Series turned out to be the perfect imprint to release forward thinking club tracks, DJ tools and sonic experiments – “cause Zeitgeist won’t stop!” (De:Bug on Blacklabel). To this day there are 30 releases on the Blacklabel imprint and the backing and praising from key players worldwide is growing with each new 12”…

 Once again the third volume unites the brightest moments of the successful 12” series on a CD compilation – this time in form of a special DJ mix done by uprising Blacklabel act Jay Shepard. This new jack arrived on the scene last year with the release of his debut EP “Blacklabel #19” on Compost. With the help of strong DJ support from top Jocks like Joris Voorn, Ben Watt, Prins Thomas, Marcus Worgull, Ludovic Llorca this EP gave Jay good profile straight off the bat which he built upon nicely with the follow up EP “Blacklabel’28” released in December 2007. At the moment he is finishing his next 12” on Compost including three new tracks from Jay himself and a strong Manuel Tur & Dplay remix of his first hit “Pipes N Sneakers” (the last track on this compilation). Further keep your eyes open for his recent remix works for Juno Records and Faze Action.