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Shake It


More bounce to the ounce! Always in for a surprise Compost delivers the ultimate Roger-Troutman-memorial anthem for the summer of 2007.

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More bounce to the ounce! Always in for a surprise Compost delivers the ultimate Roger-Troutman-memorial anthem for the summer of 2007. Although his first own 12” was released only two years ago, the skilled sound engineer Lorenz Rhode can refer already to several remixes for international players like Full Intention, Steve Angello & Eric Prydz and Mateo & Matos. All of his massive productions feature a trademark style: funky, synth-driven house music with a striking love for big basslines and catchy harmonies! His musical influences range from Stevie Wonder and 80s Funk & R’n’B to the good old French House à la Daft Punk and Alan Braxe & Fred Falke

Undeniable, "Shake It" and "Back" pay homage to the fat synthie-funk of the 80s from bands like Zapp, Parliament, Bar-Kays and D-Train. There are already lots of guys who devote themselves to the more monotone and minimalistic retro disco styles but Lorenz Rhode is all about the full and ample sound of those US soulbands who used to take cover behind their synthesizer fortresses. While "Shake It" is still a hybrid of retro talkbox funk and a very modern attitude, the b-side “Back” makes you feel like just getting out of the De Lorean after being flux capacitated back to 1982. The perfect time machine. To make it sound real, Lorenz used a big bunch of old equipment and played as much live instruments as possible… Shake, shake it baby! Shake it mama!