CPT 254-2

Compost Black Label Series Vol. 2

by: V.A.
featured Artists: Patrick Pulsinger, Move D, Studio R and many more!

"Deep house, Atmospheric house, acid house, discoed sampled chunky house! Just the way I like it!“ (Josh Wink – Ovum Records)

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Two years ago Compost Records was breaking new grounds with the formation of the Black Label Series. The aim was to put Compost back on the dancefloor map and into the cases of the worlds leading international DJs. The formula was easy: less jazz and soul - more disco and tech house. The outcome wasn’t the “typical” Compost sound anymore which people related with the Munich based label. This was bleepy and creepy, dark and pumping! Distinguishable by its artwork, colour and sound, the Black Label Series turned out to be the perfect imprint to release forward thinking club tracks, DJ tools and sonic experiments. To this day there are 18 releases on the Black Label imprint and each 12” is getting mad love round the globe from DJs as well as reviewers.

To give those people who don’t own a turntable the opportunity to enjoy the Black Label sound, Compost offers the highlights from the much acclaimed 12” series on two special CD compilations. While last years Volume 1 covered the meanwhile classic releases #1 to #8, the second part provides you with the stand out cuts from the more recent #9 to #18. This compilation features tracks by legendary producers like Move D and Patrick Pulsinger alongside promising newcomers like TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos or DJ Enne. The diversity in sound ranges from Cosmic to Acid, from Studio R’s audio chemistry with b-boy energy to Phreek Plus One’s whipping space bass monster – making you slave to the rhythm like your name was Grace Jones!


"Deep house, Atmospheric house, acid house, discoed sampled chunky house! Just the way I like it!“ (Josh Wink – Ovum Records)

"Great Stuff.“ (Prins Thomas – Full Pupp)

“Superb Work.“ (Laurent Garnier – F-Com)

"Compost Black Label - one of the most innovative labels at the moment.” (Makossa – FM4 / G-Stone)

“Feiste Ware. Das muss man erst mal hinbekommen!” (Trickski – Sonar Kollektiv)

“Wow! Big record.” (Martin Landsky – Poker Flat)

“Sounds great!” (Lindström – Feedelity)

“Compost Record of the freaking Year.” (Matt Flores – Combination)

“Killerdeep....end of story!” (Peter Kruder – G Stone)

“Very cool electronic-disco-funk with a well allotted dash of acid. Fresh!” (Marlow - Moonhabour)

"Astonishing!“ (Alex Dallas - Drumpoet Community)

"100% down my strasse!“ (DJ Friction – Four Music)