CPT 546

Compost Black Label #146

by: V.A.
featured by: Mr Raoul K, Timmy Regisford , Claudio Coccoluto, Lehar, Musumeci


5 top guys on a breakout EP. No filler, just killer. A real range of house from spooky, trippy deep house to dusty melodies and electrifying modal techy tracks, but all fitting well together and sharing a penchant for twisted dance sonics, and a tribal element .

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  • CPT 546 - Black Label 146 - snippets/

    A1_Mr Raoul K vs. Timmy Regisford - MP (Moment Psychedelik) (Gongon Alt Mix)

  • CPT 546 - Black Label 146 - snippets/

    A2_Claudio Coccoluto - Funky Now (Trouble Tribal Life)

  • CPT 546 - Black Label 146 - snippets/

    AA1_Lehar - Everything I Ever Did

  • CPT 546 - Black Label 146 - snippets/

    AA2_Musumeci - Mr Q

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Mr. Raoul K: After having met quite a couple of times while dj-ing in Greece, Timmy Regisford and Mr Raoul K decided to take their friendship to the next level: do a record together. Say hello to the 'Gongon Alt Mix' of Mr Raoul K's 'Moment Psychedlik'. Their rework adds am overall summery

touch and softens the tribal beats of the original towards a more lush atmosphere. You're still welcome to lose yourself in the swirling synth sounds and mellow yet drving beats. Dance on.

Watch out for Mr Raoul K ‘s album coming 2019 on Compost.

Claudio Coccoluto: With over 100 remixes, more than two dozens own releases and 70,0000 records collected and catalogued since the early 70's - “Goats Head Soup” by the Stones being the first one he ever bought at the tender age of nine – Claudio Coccoluto is an tradenmark. He started an apprenticeship from spinning records on pirate radio stations to the all the world's most respected dance institutions.  From television to radio programmes, his name and brand was exported overseas - “The Italian DJ”, his face was published in countless magazines (DjMag cover, July 97' and the new DJMag Italy in December 2011). An artist who accepts both the past and future of music production, he is surrounded by all the famous analogue machines of the 80's and 90's: Emulators, 909s, 808s, Vermonas, Akais, Moogs etc, but also obsessively experiments with the latest digital softwares and the explosion of the “plug-ins”. His precipitation into the world of production led him to begin working on a project with Savino Martino and Dino Lenny, creating the record label – “The Dub”. He collaborated with Subsonica on the production of one of the band's tracks on the critically acclaimed “Microchip Emozionale” album. 1997 is the year of 'Belo Horizonti' (produced by Basement Jaxx). Claudio's most successful piece of music, which sees a sale of over 1 million copies worldwide and a definitive appreciation by a wide range of artists and critics alike.

In terms of creating history via the party medium, Claudio and Tina Lepre built the infamous “Angels of Love” parties from the ground up, which he worked on for five years. However, his home ground has and always will be Goa Club in Rome – Italy's best club in terms of attitude and cutting-edge musical selection, one which was certainly nurtured by DJ Giancarlino, a man with whom Claudio has had a long- running almost brotherly musical relationship with. Via a mutual synergy and vision for what the club atmosphere should contain, the two founded the Thursday nights “Ultrabeat” at the club. In more recent times, Claudio has dedicated more attention to his own personal night at Goa - “Nozoo”.

Lehar’s aestethic categories of the sublimity and beauty of nature find their roots in Romanticism. As you may notice while listening to Lehar’s music compositions, intuition and emotion are the basis of his creative process, finally resulting in a near impromptu. Lehar’s debut EP ‚Sargas‘ on Offenbach imprint Connaisseur Recordings has put him on the map of modern electronic music and represents his artistic manifesto: a mixture of sounds and atmospheres of dramatic effects characterized by intimate basslines and intriguing melodies. Lehar’s EP “Magic Realism“ on Diynamic Music, the indie single “Number One Hero“ featuring Rush Midnight on 2DIY4, his contribution to the „10 Years of Diynamic“ album celebration, his mini album „Picture“ released in October 2017 on Diynamic Music, as well as the „Penta EP“ he released on his own imprint in 2018, have consolidated his reputation as a producer. Thanks to the active work on the remix side and few collaborations with Musumeci, Lehar’s music also appears on Compost Black Label, Endless, My Favorite Robot, Mood Music and Lost & Found. In 2018 he, together with Musumeci and Olderic, created the label Multinotes. In the same year he and Musumeci presented a new concept for a one night event called MUSE, in 2019 they will have their own summer residency at Heart Club in Ibiza.

Musumeci always has a deep passion for electronic music. He is successfully shaping and contributing a modern, forward thinking approach of dance music and club culture – made in Italy. With worldwide highly acclaimed releases on Innervisions, Diynamic, Connaisseur and a previous Compost Black Label 12“ his state of the art house music received support by the likes of Mano Le Tough, Âme, Laurent Garnier, Tale Of Us or Ewan Pearson to name a few. Whereas Sicily based Musumeci, also part of the project Human Machine – making big waves with their “146 EP” , one of the masterminds behind the superb Italian underground label Engrave Ltd – and a top notch DJ of course!