CPT 549-3

25 Compost Records - Overture 4 EP

by: V.A.
digital only
Here comes the fourth teaser for the 25 years Compost anniversary 10x12” – box-set. And what a stellar one.
digital only
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First of all, Lorenz Rhode “Back” in a Purple Disco Machine remix. The original was a 12” B-side hidden gem, released 2007 on Compost, but it caused a worldwide stir and became a true worldwide underground hit in the break dance scene. Dozens of break dancers, crews and schools used “Back” for their break dance rehearsals. We have cut a nice video of ca. 20 dancers and crews, which we found on YouTube, showing their amazing moves and grooves with “Back” in background. And to top that: Purple Disco Machine lays his funky disco hands onto it! 2018 was the year for Purple Disco Machine with four of the biggest dance tracks, with almost a few hundred million streams, various No 1 charts hits and as a high point: #2 “Beatport Artist Of All Time”. Nuff said. Liquid Phonk’s “Starwalk” is a wonderful blax-ploited disco-house ride. It’s one of Michael Reinboth’s favorite tracks of the 25 years anniversary 10x12” box set (out of 42 tracks). Another hit maker brings down a round figure: Spiller, do you remember his world hit “Groovejet” from 2000, he gave the Trüby Trio “Make A Move” a kinda 80’s ska-disco skank groove. Very uplifting. Enjoy. Lorenz Rhode – Back (Original) Video: